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Why Doesn't She Leave?

Posted on November 14, 2016 at 9:40 PM

My question is Why Doesn't He Leave? If he's so unhappy with her and can't trust her. Why does he want to keep her there? Why does he want to have her all to himself? If she can't do anything right, why does he continue to ask her or make her do things for him? If he 's so ashamed of her why does he go looking for her when she leaves and tries to escape him? My question again is Why Doesn't He Leave?

Why Doesn't She Leave? Is the question that is asked most often and quite frankly I'm tired of hearing it. This is the one question that most survivors and victims have heard billions of times while in their abusive relationship. This is the question that I am asked even as an Advocate and Empowerment Coach, why doesn't she leave? Instead of trying to explain why she doesn't leave to those of you that keep asking this question. I have a few questions for you.

So hear goes...... If she leaves, Where is she going? Are you going to allow her to live with you until she gets on her feet? How is she going to get there, wherever there is? How will she feed her children? How will she get to work? How will she get her children to school? Will you take her to work or take her children to school? Can they sleep at your house? Will you feed them? Will you clothe them? Have you ever lived in a shelter? How easy do you think it is to walk away from your home and never look back? If he's the problem why is she being punished and forced to leave? Why should she and her children have to relocate and start all over? WHY DOESN'T HE LEAVE?

What about prescriptions? How does she get the money to pay for it? Babies need diapers and pampers. Where are those things going to come from? Are you going to provide those things.

Did you know that there are more animal shelters in the United States than homeless shelters or domestic violence shelters?

WHY DOESN'T HE LEAVE? Why don't you tell your sons and brothers that abuse is not love? Why don't you tell him that you can't beat someone into loving them? Why don't you tell him to leave?

Good thing I'm not waiting on a reply to these questions. Many of you would have a problem with her if she just asked can she use your phone to make a call. Some of you wouldn't bother to call 911 for her or her children, because you don't want to get involved. So if you don't want to be involved, don't ask any questions!

Just so you know there is more to leaving than simply packing a bag. Even after she makes the decision to leave and then leaves this DOES NOT mean that the abuse will stop or guarantee her safety. More women die trying to leave abusive relationships than those that actually stay.



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