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Is This Your Man? By Colin Tate

Posted on April 29, 2016 at 12:45 AM

I facilitate the Healing Hearts Support Group every Thursday at New Mercies Christian Church.  2 weeks ago author Colin Tate was our guest speaker.  We discussed his new book Is This Your Man?  Colin described the types of men he had interviewed for his book.  He answerd questions relationship questions for some of the women as well as questions about his book.

In all honesty I had not read the book before he came to speak, not because I wasn't interested but I just had not made time. Well I am now reading the book and just in the first chapter I recognize the man he talking about.  I at some point in my life dated this man.  Needless to say my eyes are wide open and I am anxiously reading this book looking for my ex-husband to jump off one of the pages.  Ha!  Oh I know he's in here it's just a matter of time before he shows his face.

If you are single and dating let me me be the first to recommend this book.  Is This Your Man?  I promise you are either dating one of these men now or have dated one of them.

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